Software Products

    1. Disaster Ready! (DR!)

      • Disaster Ready! is a software solution that will enhance your business recovery capabilities by providing for the storage and retrieval of information about your critical resources. The system provides for entering, updating, and reporting on :
        • Critical Business Functions
        • Critical Personnel
        • Critical Functions by Personnel
        • Critical Equipment
        • Critical Software
        • Critical Communications
        • Critical Supplies
        • Critical Records
        • Critical Vendors
        • Alternate Recovery Sites

    2. Easy Change Management! (ECM)

      • Easy Change Management is an easy-to-use system that provides for enhanced controls and reporting capabilities for all management approved IT Change Requests. Some of the features of the system include:
        • Adding and modifying approved Change Requests
        • Assignment of IT personnel to the Change Requests
        • Registering of Estimated and Actual Start and Completion Dates
        • Registering of hours invested by IT personnel
        • Registering of management approvals and approval dates, such as:
          • User Approval
          • IT Management Approval
          • Computer Center and putting into production approvals and dates
          • Quality Control approval and date

        The system includes a variety of management and operational reports including Aging Reports which shows time spent in IT before implementation of changes.

    3. Easy Project Management! (EPM)

      • Easy Project Management! enhances and improves controls over all projects. Projects are identified and progress tracked by Project Phases, Projects Tasks, and Project Manager across Corporate subsidiaries, divisions, and departments. Reports will assist management in tracking projects and ensuring that projects are completed on schedule.

    4. Electronic Banking Claims System (EBCS)

      • Electronic Banking Claims System provides the capability to receive Electronic Banking Claims transactions and to ensure that they are processed, investigated, and resolved in a timely manner as required by Federal Bank regulations. Reports are produced that ensure that claims are processed in a timely manner.

    5. Audit Recommendations Tracking System (ARTS)

      • Audit Recommendations Tracking System will ensure that audit recommendations are implemented as required and agreed to among auditor and audited management. Audit recommendations implementation status reports can be printed or emailed to audited management for review of recommendations completed or pending implementation.