Satisfied Clients

John R. Robles and Associates will bring to any engagement a sincere commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. This commitment to excellence has been developed over many years and with many satisfied clients, such as:

      Pueblo Inc.
    • PCI Consulting

    Financial Services Companies
      Puerto Rico Federal Credit Union
    • IT Policies and Procedure Manuals
    • Information Technology Audit
    • Information Security Audit
    • Wire Transfer Audit
      Banco Popular de Puerto Rico
    • ACH Audit 2011
    • ACH Audit 2010
    • ACH Audit 2009
    • Disaster Recovery Plan
    • Security Policies and Procedures
    • Software Specifications Procedures
    • Software Acquisition Procedures
    • Change Management Procedures
    • FDICIA Audit of the EDP and Operations Divisions
    • Information Systems Auditing for 11 years
      Banco Santander Puerto Rico
    • Out-sourcing of the Bank’s Disaster Recovery Planning Function (Four years)
      BankTrust Puerto Rico
    • Information Systems Audit with Improvement Recommendations
      Caguas Central Savings Bank
    • Disaster Recovery Plan
      Cataño Federal Savings Bank
    • Disaster Recovery Plan
    • MIS Operational Procedures
    • Bank Procedures
    • Accounting Procedures
    • Information Systems Auditing
      Chase Manhattan Bank
    • Disaster Recovery Plan
    • Telecommunications Procedures
    • Information Systems Auditing for 4 years
      Doral Bank
    • Information Systems Consultant for Ten (10) years
    • Year 2000 Consultant
    • Development of the Year 2000 Contingency Plans
    • Development of Bank-wide Disaster Recovery Plans
    • Information Systems Auditor for Nine (9) years
      Doral Financial Corp.
    • Sarbannes-Oxley Consulting
    • Information Systems Consultant for Ten (10) years
    • Year 2000 Consultant
    • Information Systems Audits
    • Preparation of Information and Corporate Disaster Recovery Plans
      First Federal Savings Bank
    • Disaster Recovery Plan
    • Review of EDP Staffing Levels
    • Information Security Policies
    • Microcomputer Security Policies
    • Implementation Support
    • Change Management Procedures
      RG Federal Savings Bank
    • Disaster Recovery Plan
      RG Financial Corp.
    • Design and Development of an Electronic Banking Claims System
    • Design and Development of an Internet Banking Claims System
    • Sarbannes-Oxley Consulting
    • Corporate Business Continuity Plan
      RG Premier Bank
    • Information Systems Audit with Improvement Recommendations (Three years)
    • Disaster Recovery Planning
      Western Federal Savings Bank
    • MIS Computer Center Audit

      Cooperativa de Ahorro y Credito de Arecibo
    • MIS Computer Center Audit
    Puerto Rico Government
      Centro de Recaudaciones de Ingresos Municipales (CRIM)
    • Information Technology Audit
      Oficina de Etica Gubernamental (Office of Governmental Ethics)
    • Expert Witness and Litigation Support
      Asociación de Empleados del ELA
    • Seminars
      Banco de Desarrollo para Puerto Rico
    • Information Systems Consultant to the Bank President
      Banco Gubernamental de Fomento
    • Assist in developing a Request for Proposal (RFP)
    • Develop Bank-Wide Disaster Recovery Plan
    • MIS Steering Committee consultant
      Oficina de Servicios a la Legislatura
    • Information Systems Audit
      Puerto Rico Foreign Trade Zone 61
    • Information Systems Consultant to Agency Director
    • Assist inImplementing a New Inventory System
      The University of Puerto Rico
    • Implementation Support
    • Seminars
    • Disaster Recovery Plans
    Pharmaceutical Companies  
      Alcon PuertoRico
    • Disaster Recovery Plan
      Amgen Manufacturing Inc.
    • Disaster Recovery Plan
      ICI Pharmaceutical, Inc.
    • Disaster Recovery Plan
    • Review of the Effectiveness of the Information Systems
      Schering-Plough del Caribe
    • Disaster Recovery Plan
    Insurance Companies  
      Universal Insurance Group
    • Certification of Imaging System according to Regulation 76 of the Insurance Commissioner of Puerto Rico
      BenitezInsurance Agency
    • Certification of Imaging System according to Regulation 76 of the Insurance Commissioner of Puerto Rico
    • Cooperativa de Seguros de Vida (COSVI)

    • Design and development of an Audit Recommendations Tracking System
    • Design and development of a Project Management / Change Management Tracking System
    • Corporate Business Continuity Plan
    • MIS Computer Center Audit
    • MIS consulting
    • Development of Law Office Information System
      Eastern American Insurance Company
    • Seminars
      Popular Insurance Inc.
    • Corporate Business Continuity Plan
    Health Care Companies
      Pharmacy Insurance Corporation of America (PICA)
    • Preparation for CMS Audit
    • Audit of Information Systems Security function
      Cruz Azul de Puerto Rico
    • Corporate Business Continuity Plan
      Triple S
    • Audit of Year 2000 Implementation Efforts
    • Development of Corporate Business ContinuityPlan
    • Information Systems audits
    • Review of Disaster Recovery Capabilities
    Consulting Companies  
      General Computer Services 
    • Company Operational Review
      Multiple Computer Services
    • Audit of the Disaster Recovery Center
    • Report on Improvements to the Disaster Recovery Center
    • Operations Manual for the Disaster Recovery Center
    Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Telecommunications Companies
    • Data Center Audit
    Federal Government
      Puerto Rico Head Start Program
    • Federal Contract to Assist Head Start Programs in Implementing Information systems
    • Information Systems Consultant to New York Foundling Hospital Head Start Program
    • Information Systems Consultant to San Juan City Head Start Program
    Bottling Companies
      Pepsi Cola, Inc.
    • Seminars

      El Nuevo Día
    • Capacity Planning for S/38
    • EDP Auditing for 3 years

At some of the above clients, security and controls audits resulted in effective recommendations and subsequent improvements in company or government agency operations